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Sonny Dalesandro

"It's always excellent to find a pair of gloves that were made for goalkeepers
by a goalkeeper. Outlaw's gloves are top class for goalkeepers at all levels. If
they weren't, they wouldn't be the official gloves of the Tulsa Athletics netminders."

1995 USISL (USL) rookie of the year- Tulsa Roughnecks
1996-1998 Milwaukee Wave (All Rookie second team)
1999-2001 Wichita Wings
2008 Tulsa Revolution (captain)
2012-present Owner Tulsa Athletics
-Youngest Oklahoman to sign professional contract at 17 years old

Daniel Hatfield

I am Daniel Hatfield, an English goalkeeper who has played in England, Scotland, Iceland
and most recently played and trained as part of an academy in Spain. As I play at good
competitive levels I always intend to have the best tools for the job and this as meant
I've worn all sorts of gloves during my career, from Nike to DH One to most recently Outlaw
Goalkeeping. The first time I wore Outlaw GK gloves was in a training session under quite
possibly the most difficult conditions for any goalkeeper. The perfectly flat artificial pitch
had just been watered which meant the ball would zip across the surface. On top of this,
the rain soon came coming down which made an already slippy ball absolutely soaking wet.
However the gloves, fresh out the packet, stood up well to the conditions and gave me a good
feel and grip of the ball in these awkward conditions. The gloves were also extremely comfy
and fitted perfectly. The gloves also offer good backhand protection even without the finger
save spines, which I chose not to use. Overall, the gloves are top quality and are now my match
gloves. I honestly recommend them to anyone from Sunday league level up to the pro game!

Richard Nolasco

First of all, I would like to thank my Goalkeeper Glove Sponsor Outlaw Goalkeeping for taking
care of me.When I received the gloves, I liked that it came packaged with plastic covering on
palm grip. I am a huge fan of negative cuts, but the outlaw glove came in with the roll finger cut
plus the removable finger saves impressed me. Being able to remove certain finger protections made
a difference. Since I only use it on my pinky and thumb. The elastic strap wrapped around my wrist
pretty good. After using them in a couple of months during games and training the glove still kept its
grip. The only little downside to the glove was that the elastic strap started to lose its thread,
maybe for all the indoor I've been playing. But they are still a great glove that can be used for the
High level Games and Intense Training. I am very excited to see what Outlaw Goalkeeping
has for the future!!

Best Regards,
Richard Nolasco
Pro indoor soccer Goalkeeper

Kurt Luitwieler

I have been playing GK and training GKs for over 25 years. I have worn homemade gloves and nearly
$200 gloves from Europe. I have had my favorites over the years and some that I wanted to throw in
the trash. This winter I was given a pair of the Outlaw gloves to try while teaching a National
Coaching Course. Was very impressed with the comfort and feel from the start. If the grip is great,
but the gloves don't feel right on your hands, it's not a good marriage. So, just putting them on they
passed the first test. I am not a fan of the "finger save" type of gloves. They are great for some
people, so be it. The fact that I could easily take those out if I wanted (I did) was a big bonus for me.
Running the GK portion of the course and in subsequent training sessions and courses, I have been
impressed with the grip and durability with these gloves as well. My body doesn't move as well as it used
to, but I was catching anything that came near me! Other than a little dust here and there the gloves
still look new! Great work Outlaw on a quality product for an incredible price!

Us soccer Federation national coaching school instructor
US youth soccer association national instructor
Region 3 GK Staff
OSA Technical Director
Creator of Oklahoma gk coaching course
Player at Carnegie Mellon University and Holland Hall

Kurt Luitwieler

Oklahoma Soccer Association
USSF National Coaching School Instructor
US Youth National Instructor © Outlaw Gloves 2016